Purchasing tickets

Important information

Important information

  1. If you are eligible for ticket discounts, you are required to produce proof of eligibility when you make your purchase. When purchasing advance discount tickets online, you must produce proof of eligibility as you enter the building.

  2. A security check is required prior to entering the House of Parliament. You must not enter the building with large bags, packages or objects capable of causing personal injury, such as pocket knives, knives, gas spray etc. It is forbidden to enter the building with weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, blasting agents or related devices, or any pyrotechnic devices.

  3. When entering the premises, visitors are only allowed to have in their hand luggage a colourless, non-alcoholic drink, liquid medication or other special food (e.g. baby food, baby formula) in a unbreakable plastic bottle of a maximum volume of 0.5  litres. This must be taken out of the baggage for a security check. Any bottles with a content, of a material or size different from the above must be left in the cloakroom. 

  4. For the protection of the Holy Crown, it is strictly forbidden to take photographs in the great Dome Hall. However, taking pictures or using video cameras is allowed in other parts of the building.

  5. The House of Parliament is accessible to people with disabilities. In order to ensure smooth access, we kindly request that visitors in wheelchairs inform our staff about their arrival in advance by e-mail at idegenforgalom@parlament.hu.

  6. Apart from guide dogs, no other animals are permitted inside the building.

  7. Public lavatories are available in the Visitor Centre.

  8. Due to parliamentary or state events, visits may be cancelled even as late as immediately prior to admission.

  9. Parking is not permitted in front of the Visitor Centre.

  10. Visitors treated with radioactive isotopes for a curative purpose must provide us with an official hospital discharge summary issued by the given medical institution confirming the administering of the treatment.  The summary must contain the following data: the type and name of the radioactive substance used, the dates of its administering, and a confirmation that the person having been given the treatment is permitted to attend public events.

    If a visitor is unable to provide the above document, the Parliamentary Guard has the right to deny his or her admission.