The collection of the library

The library of the Hungarian Parliament is a legislative library, a public library and a special library all in one. Law and public administration, political science, 20th century and contemporary history are its main interests. We collect all domestic titles that cover these fields and a selection of related foreign titles.

Our library has the biggest public collection of Hungarian parliamentary documents. We have a selective collection of Hungarian history, modern world history, economics, sociology, statistics and documents of foreign parliaments. Our library is a depository library of the United Nations, some of its specialized agencies and The European Union.

In the reading room approximately 50.000 documents are available in 12 different subject areas.

We have a large collection of old daily papers and periodicals. We subscribe to some 1000 press publications – nearly half of them in foreign languages. In the reading room of periodicals you can find Hungarian and foreign dailies, weeklies and journals on open shelves. Those publications cover law, history, political science and social sciences.

The size of our holdings is approximately 600.000 volumes, and annual acquisitions are close to 3500-4000 pieces. We are a non-lending library but the titles of all our documents can be found in our online catalogues. On-site stackrooms hold a considerable part of our core stock, the special collections, the reference library, the periodicals, the rare books and manuscripts; the rest is retrieved on request from the off-site storage facility.


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