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The National Assembly of Hungary 2018

The National Assembly of Hungary 2018

The House of Parliament is considered one of the most stunning parliament buildings in the world and quite rightly so, as confirmed by the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to admire it every year. Its location makes it a central element of the cityscape of Budapest. It is no coincidence that it is seen not only as the symbol of Hungarian sovereignty but also as an icon of the capital city itself. Shooting out of the lower quay with its buttresses and external stairways, this majestic building of breathtaking beauty is a defining element of the River Danube. The concept behind this overwhelming grandeur was to provide a constitutional and architectural counterbalance to the massive complex of the Royal Palace, perched on Buda’s Castle Hill across the river a little further south. Today the House of Parliament in Budapest is home to the nation’s legislation. This building abundant in stunning statues and paintings is a worthy architectural representation of the significant role it plays in the life of the Hungarian nation. To emphasise this role, the main façade of the Parliament building was restored to its original grandeur, Kossuth Square regained its artistic beauty of the times before the sculpture-ravaging Communist era, and the infrastructure was built to ensure the best visitor experience. Kossuth Square is a Prominent National Heritage Site, while the House of Parliament forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Megjelenés éve: 2019
Oldalszám: 156
Méret: 18,6 x 21,5 cm
Kötés: puhafedeles
ISBN: 978-615-5948-107
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