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The Hungarian Holy Crown and the Coronation Regalia

The Hungarian Holy Crown and the Coronation Regalia

The author of the book, Endre Tóth, is an archaeologist, a candidate of historical sciences, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and an outstanding figure of research into the Holy Crown of Hungary. In this monumental volume he sums up the results of his decades of research, including the history of the Holy Crown’s origins and its significance. He also gives an account of the story of his research, raises problems pertaining to methodology and provides answers to fundamental questions, while contextualising the immense importance of the Holy Crown and the coronation insignia that belong to it. The tome contains more than one hundred, hitherto unpublished new photographs. The augmented Hungarian edition (2018) was published in English in 2021. A contribution to the volume was made by academic Attila Zsoldos, who in his introduction provides an overview of Hungary’s history and places it on the imaginary map of Europe’s medieval history of events and relations. The discussion of the crown’s history is supplemented by the most recent findings made by historian Géza Pálffy and his research team. The book ends with Attila Horváth’s essay on the Holy Crown doctrine, providing a framework for the entire volume.

Megjelenés éve: 2021
Oldalszám: 512
Méret: 24 x 30 cm
Kötés: keménytáblás, védőborítóval
ISBN: 978-615-5948-50-3
Kiadói ár:
angol: 14990 Ft