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Dress code and code of conduct

Dress code and code of conduct

The dignity of the House of Parliament requires that every visitor be dressed appropriately.

It is forbidden:

  • To wear or display symbols of dictatorship or to conduct oneself in a manner deleterious to the National Assembly, to the national treasure of the Holy Crown and the Coronation Insignia, or to human dignity;

  • To bring flags or other instruments of protest into the building;

  • To raise one's voice, sing or demonstrate in the building;

  • To eat, drink or smoke in the building;

  • To sit, kneel or lie on the stairs, ground or furnishings in the building;

  • To cause damage to the building or to the furnishings;

  • To disturb or in any way hinder organisations and staff in the building in their work;

  • To bring noise-making devices into the building (e.g. whistles, megaphones etc).

  • Visitors must comply with instructions and requests from the Tour Guides. Those who fail to comply with relevant regulations will be escorted out of the building by the guards.