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The Visitor Centre was established to present the treasures of the House of Parliament in a fitting environment. The Visitor Centre is truly a communal space, one where visitors can enjoy an educational experience while they wait in comfort surrounded by quality services.

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Official site of ticket sales

Please be advised that the official site of the Office of the National Assembly for ticket sales is www.jegymester.hu/parlament.
We assume no liability for damages (such as overpriced or counterfeit tickets, refusal to refund upon cancellation of booking, etc.) arising from tickets purchased thorough other websites.
Richiamiamo la Vostra attenzione che il sito ufficiale per la vendita dei biglietti dell’Ufficio del Parlamento è: www.jegymester.hu/parlament.
Non rispondiamo per i biglietti acquisiti su altri siti, così come per i danni causati da essi (per es.: biglietti troppo costosi o falsi, rifiuto del rimborso in caso di disdetta, ecc.).
Обращаем ваше внимание, что официальной интернет-страницей Администрации Парламента Венгрии, предназначенной для продажи билетов, является www.jegymester.hu/parlament
Мы не несем никакой ответственности за билеты, приобретенные на других сайтах, и за ущерб, причиненный ими (например, за завышенные цены или за поддельные билеты, за отказ в возврате денег в случае отмены покупки и т.д.).
Les informamos que la página web oficial dedicada a la venta de entradas para el Parlamento es la www.jegymester.hu/parlament.
No podremos asumir ninguna responsabilidad por entradas compradas a través de otros sitios web y los posibles daños causados por ellos (precios excesivos, entradas falsas, denegación del reembolso en caso de cancelación, etc.).
Nous attirons votre attention sur le fait que www.jegymester.hu/parlament est le site officiel de vente des billets d'entrée de l'Office du Parlement.
Nous déclinons toute responsabilité pour les dommages causés par des billets achetés sur d'autres sites web (qu'il s'agisse de billets vendus à des tarifs frauduleux, de billets falsifiés ou de billets dont le remboursement est refusé en cas d'annulation).


null The Hungarian House of Parliament reopens to visitors on 14 May 2021

Group visits start from the Visitor Centre until 20th June 2021 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. After 21st June 2021 the Parliament building is open every day.
Please note that the Parliament Building can only be visited by adults with an immunity card (or EESZT covid control application) and minors under their supervision; every visitor’s body temperature will be measured upon entry. Face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn both in the Parliament Building and the Visitor Centre.

Information on the immunity certificates accepted in Hungary can be found HERE.

During the reopening period tickets are sold at significantly reduced prices. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the visit on the spot. If you wish to book tickets in advance, this can only be done online: please contact us by email at idegenforgalom(at)parlament.hu.

The information on the processing of personal data related to the organisation of visits to the House of Parliament can be accessed HERE.

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